About Us

Welcome to Sun Environment

We Sun Environment are in the field of instrumentation. As environment is destroyed rapidly by the development of modern industry and continuous increase of population, environmental problem is raised to serious problem to our human being. To solve such social problem and makes better environment, has made and supplied various items that become basis in environment water analysis and Waste water analysis equipments (Laboratory & Process Instruments & Chemical)..

At SUN, just being the latest and greatest to the market has never been our focus. Our best ideas start with listening to the client and providing what they really need. We call it “people-first innovation” and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

We at Sun Environment like to call our values, vision and mission Our Promise. Closely aligned with our strategy, Our Promise aims to inspire change that is needed for Sun Environment to meet external challenges and ensure the company’s future success.

Our values are our principles, our beliefs and our standards. The vision is about how Sun Environment sees the future developments and challenges, and how we can turn these into opportunities. Our mission is our specific task and assignment needed to win the business and create customer value.

-> Superior customer service
-> Fast and responsive delivery
-> Personalized applications expertise
-> Market-leading technical support for water testing using on-line and lab instruments as well as chemical reagents.

We are authorized channel partner of Tintometer India Pvt. Ltd. For Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa.


Our Expertise

Water & Waste Water Analysis – Lab (95%)
Water & Waste Water Analysis – Field (90%)
Air Monitoring System (85%)
Project Management (85%)