Portable Photometer


  • Bright, easy to read backlit display
  • Large selection of test sets
  • Stores 100 user-defined routine measurements
  • User-friendly on screen guidance for easy operation


Model Qvis x100
Spectral bandwidth <10nm
Wavelength range 360nm, 430nm, 520nm, 555nm, 610nm, 815nm
Selection Automatic
Stray light >1.0%t at 430nm
Accuracy ±0.002abs
Photometric range 0 to 2.0abs
Linearity 0.9999
Reproducibility ±0.002abs
Light source Light emitting diode(led)
Detector Silicon photodiode
Holder 1 inch & 16mm round cell
External interface Usb 1.0 &2.0(a.a type)
Display 128×64 graphic lcd
Power supply (4)aa alkaline cells/smps adapter(dc 5v, 1.0a)
Dimension 110(w) x 245(d) x 48(h)mm
Weight 410g